Cosmetic mole, skin tag, wart, and milia removal uses the latest radio-wave surgery techniques (similar to lasers) to remove troublesome or unsightly growths by simply vaporising them, with or without local anaesthesia (depending on size). The radio-wave surgery device seals off the blood vessels as it vaporises the lesion so there is no bleeding and since the skin is not cut there is no suturing required! By using this technique, the mole, skin tag or other lesion can be removed leaving almost no trace and no scar.


The only limitation of radio-surgery ablation technique is that the lesion must be raised above the skin level. These techniques will not work on a flat lesion, as that may potentially leave a depressed scar.



How does it heal?

The area where the lesion is removed usually heals in about 5-10 days, and all this required is to keep a band-aid or dressing on it for this period. A scab will form over the area (much like the way a grazed knee will heal), which will drop off over the 5-10 days when healed.

Once healed the new skin can be pink or red and may take four to six weeks to settle completely and fade. The final appearance may be just like the surrounding skin or may be slightly paler, with no scar!