There are a number of chemical peels that can greatly help improve the quality and texture of sun-damaged skin.  Peels can be superficial, medium or deep and depending on the type of peels they are may have limited downtime.

Medical grade chemical peels treats damaged skin, skin pigmentation issues, wrinkles, skin texture and acne and congested skins. It is highly recommended a course of treatment will improve appearance and health of the skin by increasing cellular turnover and nourishing the skin for a fresher, healthier complexion.

Results can be seen immediately after the first treatment. Our skin peels are tailored by professionals and can treat sensitivity like rosacea, dull, thick and sun damaged skins.


Generally speaking, however, the best results are gained with deeper peels.  Before Dr Fotouhi undertakes a peel with a patient, she may discuss the need to condition the skin – thereby preparing the skin so that the peel provides better results. In addition, a full medical history is needed, and medical prophylaxis may be required for certain conditions.  These precautions reduce complications caused by the procedure.




A physician strength peel is much stronger than peels conducted by beauty therapists or from home kits.  These peels are often pre-buffered to reduce the risk of permanently damage skin. 







Beauty therapists are obviously not trained to identify and manage skin cancers and all patients should have their skin examined by a trained medical professional before any procedure to ensure that lesions which require medical attention receive the appropriate treatment.